Florence off the beaten paths walking tours for returners to Florence.

Guided walks to discover the most hidden places of Florence, enjoy the visit of Florence away from the crowd with an insider to have in-depth information about:

The backstreets of Florence. Guided walking tour at the discovery of a different Florence: charming places located a bit away from the most visited (and crowded) sites: shady alleys, lovely squares, know about intrigues and blackmails, and much much more……

Humanism and Renaissance. Two golden centuries that have made great Florence and Italy in the world. We tell them through the history, economy, society and of course through the works of art of this period’s greatest artists: Masaccio, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo, and many others.

Florence, rise and fall of a city. From the Roman Florentia to Florence Italy’s capital. Know how, over the centuries, Florence was planned, built and embellished. Discover how these needs changed according to the social, political, economic situation.

Craftsmen of Florence. They are leather goods makers, upholsterers, furniture makers, mosaic artists, framers, are custodians of a certain “know-how” that, over the centuries, has passed from father to son, and still produce objects of the highest quality. An enthralling journey to discover Florence and its history through its handicrafts.

Other thematic itineraries can be set, on demand, upon Medici family, medieval Florence, the palaces of Florence, or on a particular artist.